Booking conditions

Booking Arrangements

The person making the booking will be deemed to have accepted all Booking Conditions on behalf of all named persons on the booking form. The contract will be determined by the booking conditions. All variations to your booking requirements must be made in writing.

Tour costs

The Tour costs are all in Australian Dollars and could fluctuate due to Exchange rates. The Tour is based on a per person basis.

Deposits and final payments

A deposit of $1400 per person must accompany all booking applications. The balance of your Tour needs to be paid 12 weeks prior to departure dates.

Payment types

Prestige Golf Tours we accept Visa and Mastercard payments.A surcharge equal to 2% of the payment will occur. All cheques are to be made out Prestige Golf Tours.


Prestige Golf Tours accepts no Responsibilty or Liability for any breach or act, whether negligent of those Airlines, Hotels or Operatoring services in connection with the Tour. We do not accept responsibilty for any damage, loss, delay, injury, any change of the schedule or anything else which is out of our control. Prestige Golf Tours will aim to ensure that all details are correct at the time of print. Prestige Golf Tours will not accept responsibility for any change or withdrawal of prices, services or details shown.


Cancellations within 72 hours of departure, Prestige Golf Tours will have the option to impose a 50 % penalty of all money received to date. When the deposit has been received and a cancellation is made within 48 days of departure an a administration fee of $130 per person will occur plus any Airline, Hotel or any other Penalties. When the deposit has been received and any cancellation is made a $100 per person fee will occur. All cancellations must be made in writing to the Tour Company. If you need to make a cancellation please contact Prestige Golf Tours as a matter of Urgency to keep the costs to a minimum.

Travel insurance

It is imperative that you have your own Travel Insurance before participating on one Prestige Golf Tours. You can contact our Travel Agent for further details. Aurora Travel on (03) 9682 2000.

Itinerary changes or price changes

All airfares and Tariffs are as at the 1st Janurary, 2011. If your Itinerary or Golf Tour needs to be cancelled or changed which is out of the control of Prestige Golf Tours, Alternative arrangements will be made and if you do not accept these terms a refund will be returned. If your Golf Tour changes and becomes different form the Original Schedule you will have the right to withdraw from the Tour or have your arrangments altered.